Airsoft Safety Tips

The game of Airsoft should never be taken lightly especially the weapons. Airsoft guns are built to release BB pellets with enough momentum for maximum efficiency and accuracy. It can be considered as a harm inflicting weapon when not used properly or wisely. Some weapons that use bigger ammunition like grenade launchers can knock out a participant when not aimed correctly.

Here are some safety tips when playing Airsoft:

1.) Gears – first and foremost, to avoid getting hurt while on a mission or just having fun is always wear safety gears. Masks should always be worn strictly. Strong enough Airsoft guns can temporarily blind a person. Overalls are also a must unless you’re used to getting blisters all the time. To prevent self inflicting injuries, knee and elbow pads can help to prevent blisters when ducking or rolling. All of this are necessary Airsoft accessories that you will need to protect your self.

2.) Guns – Know your gun. It is important to know how strong an Airsoft gun’s muzzle velocity. If you don’t have devices to measure the speed, read the information on the box or the manual to determine how strong the BBs pellets can get. Keep your gun at all times and reassemble the parts correctly to avoid self harm.

3.) Gameplay – When on the field a lot of things can happen. Some might hit his head on a branch of tree when scurrying for cover or on a rock when lying on the ground. These things are unavoidable because they are called accidents. To prevent even more harm, it is important to know the proper way to use an Airsoft gun. When firing on a target, it is recommended to aim at the torso to minimize the chances of hitting the head this is also a strategic firing as the torso is a much wider target than the head. Don’t not fire on anything that breaks like mirror bottles on the field to prevent sharp objects.

4.) Go play with a cool head – A lot of accidents happen when proper decorum is not observed. Hot heads usually are more prone to inflict harm to others because they are not thinking straight. Always remember the Airsoft is just a game and is not a basis for one’s character. Those who explode in anger in game shows that they are not fit to play the game. Airsoft promotes camaraderie, teamwork and discipline and not the other way around.

Airsoft is all about having fun and showing off your tactical skills. Team work come in to play with a lot of these Airsoft skirmish but the most important aspect of Airsoft is playing safe so you can continue playing another day.

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