Addiction and relationships do not mix

On of the saddest things about addiction is its effect on the relationships of the person who is addicted. Many times, as the drug becomes more important than anything else in a person’s live relationships with important people in the addict’s life end so the he or she is able to continue their relationship with the drug. If you are an addict and your drug use has torn up your family, it may be time to think about your addiction and relationships.

What may have begun as recreational use of a drug can overtake your body and life. There comes a time that your only real concern is where you will get the next hit. Over time, the broken promises often cause the addiction spouse to leave. The drug has taken over your life.

Sometimes, the family of an addict is successful in helping the person to overcome the habit through intervention. Intervention is a process that is usually facilitated by a counselor. Before the actual intervention, participants other than the addict are ask to write about their relationship with the addict before the drug use and how the use has changed that relationship. Finally, the significant people in the drug user’s life give an ultimatum. At this point, the person is offered a chance at rehab.

Successfully rehabilitated addicts are sometimes able to restore a marriage relationship that is being destroyed by addiction. In order for restoration to occur, the addict and the spouse will both need to be a part of the process. There may be the need for counseling for the family as well as treatment for the drug addict.

If you are the spouse of an addicted person, you may be their biggest help, but you will need some family support as you lead the person to rehabilitation. Finding professional help can stop the arguments and fighting and get your husband or wife the treatment that is needed.

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