A Yamaha Saxophone

Whether one is a beginner, intermediate or a professional saxophone player they will be able to fulfill their musical needs with a Yamaha saxophone. Which also come in soprano, tenor, baritone and alto, along with either hard rubber or plastic mouthpieces to suite the players needs. The Yamaha saxophone is made to help produce a well balanced tone and still allow the musician to be flexible, which is required. For a beginner they would need to purchase the standard series, due to the easiness that comes along with it to produce a better sound. Then there is a custom series which happens to be made out of Ebonite. This one produces a comfortable feel along with Intonation which makes them popular with a professional artist.

If one were to speak to a musical instructor they would recommend using Yamaha instruments because of the reputation they have for being durable, as they can withstand immense abuse and unintentional abuse that comes along with band students that are just starting out. When a band student is just learning how to play, they are often told to take their instrument home in order to practice. The metal often gets bent or dented due to the student being unfamiliar with the instrument or case. So musical instructors would recommend students use Yamaha instruments because they can usually handle this type of abuse. Intermediate saxophones players usually are in the marching band and often time spend most of their free time practicing. When it comes to professionals they like Yamaha saxophones because they are designed to make it through traveling, practicing or whatever is going on.

The actual body of the Yamaha saxophone is made of mostly brass, however someone will find with gold or even a silver finish to them. In order to improve the sounds of the instrument some will get a special lacquer. The keys on the Yamaha saxophone are designed and placed to help with comfort and quick responses. They took a perspective of a musician in order to design the key placement. This placement eliminates the need for the musician to place their hands in uncomfortable positions.

Considering looking at Yamaha alto saxophone or Holton saxophone.

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