A Simple Guide To Firewood and How To Store Them

People all over the world use firewood as fuel for warmth and / or cooking. Since ancient times, human beings have used wood as the easiest way to create fire. Trees are usually near at hand and when carefully monitored are constant renewable resources. Once harvested, the wood is placed on firewood racks and kept safe until needed.

Nothing cheers a home up on a chilly evening more than a cozy, open fire. In countries with snowy seasons, stacking firewood for the winter is a general practice to ensure the comfort and safety of the whole family. Learning how to store firewood depends mainly on how much of it you need and where the easiest and safest place to store them would be.

Firewood racks are important since they keep the firewood off the ground and from unwanted moisture, since damp wood does not catch fire easily. The best firewood racks include covers that protect the firewood on top from rain and snow, while allowing the wood to dry fast and at the same time provide sufficient air flow to prevent the growth of mold and fungus.

There are a variety of designs and sizes of firewood racks available on the market, ranging from the usual rectangular-shaped racks with supports on both ends to the more elaborate ones shaped in hoops or curves. There are even firewood racks shaped like chairs and tables! Firewood storage racks can come in steel, wood, or even cloth. There are also racks you can place inside the house such as wood carts or simple log carriers. For the resourceful person, there are guides on how to build your own firewood rack.

The range of choices for firewood racks can bewilder anyone, but the important thing when setting out to buy or build your own firewood rack is how much wood you plan to store and where you are going to store it.

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