A Portable Dog Kennel Can Be Fun As Well As Safe

Dogs are a lot like young children, they can be afraid of new things and fear makes them do weird things (again that applies to dogs and kids). If you have to get your dog into his portable dog kennel for the first time on the day you are moving to a new house across the state then you are probably in for a difficult day.

The secret to getting your dog into his portable dog kennel easily and quickly when you need to is making it a fun place rather than one of fear and punishment. To achieve this you need to plan ahead, the first step is to leave the kennel sitting in the living room or somewhere else the dog goes regularly.

You can also put in something that the dog will recognize, maybe cut a piece of his old blanket or give him a new blanket and after a week or so put that into the dog kennel so he will go and seek it out. If you play catch with him a lot then you could try throwing his toys into the kennel so he will go in and retrieve the toy.

Be ready for lots of sniffing and he may well mark his territory by urinating on the new dog crate. This is perfectly normal and while you don’t want to encourage him when he does it you also shouldn’t be overly punishing as that could make him equate the kennel with pain.

Once you put a comfortable old blanket in the portable dog kennel and throw toys in there once in a while you will find that your dog will treat it as his second home. This is a good sign and one that you can use to your advantage. If you want to go to the park to play ball then instead of letting him sit on the car seat take the portable kennel along with you, once he has been on a few journeys in it there will be no problem when it comes time to move.

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