A few things you should know about moonstone jewelry

The moonstone is a most unusual gem, it comes in many colors and while not transparenbt like other types of gems, it will change color when moved around.   That is why it was called moonstone in the first place, it reminded people of the way the moon changes color during its phases.   As the moon is associated with fertility so is the moonstone which is said to improve fertility in women and to help with the menopause.   It was also said that wearing a moonstone would have a calming effect and improve concentration. According to the modern birthstone chart which is used by almost all Western jewellers, it is the birthstone for people born in the month of July.   As it is supposed to be a lucky stone a moonstone birthstone necklace would be the ideal birthday present. You can also buy a moonstone birthstone as a ring or even earrings.

You can find moonstones in different colors, what you need to check before you buy one is that it has the proper iridescence which is the ability to change color when turned around. This is what makes a moonstone more or less valuable.   While you can have a moonstone set in gold, lots of moonstone jewelry will be found in silver, after all the moonstone is not a particularly expensive gemstone and if you buy silver jewelry it is even more affordable.   You will be able to find bracelets, rings, earrings and of course, as it is a talisman, many types of pendants. It is a fairly soft stone though, therefore if you like it in a ring you should ensure that it is well set and coated.    As it is the case with all gemstones moonstones are sensitive to harsh chemicals therefore you are strongly advised to remove your jewelry when doing housework if you like your moonstone jewelry to last a very long time.

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