A Car Vacuum Cleaner Will Make Things Easy

If you own a car you know how difficult it is to keep clean. This is especially true for people with pets who ride in their cars. Trying to lug a traditional vacuum cleaner out to your car to get the pet hair and dirt out of the upholstery can be awkward and clumsy. This is why most people will purchase a separate hand held vacuum designed just for vacuuming hard to get at places.

These compact machines are designed to be lighter so it is easier to reach down under a dashboard to get the floor carpet clean. Depending on the model you choose it may include extra nozzle attachments to get into small spaces like around the control knobs on a dashboard. It can also be operated with one hand, so you can steady yourself on the seat with your other one. The small vacuums are constructed with the same tough plastic outer shells as the large machines so they are very durable to use.

Some styles will come with a wall mount station that is used for recharging the inside battery. A car vacuum cleaner does not use a standard cord for electricity, but rather runs on some type of alternate current method. Some are equipped to connect to a car lighter so they can operate directly from a car’s battery source. This is less energy consumption for your home and also means your unit is ready to go when you need to use it.

An additional attachment may be a blower hose that can help get dust out of various vents in the car. This is also good for removing pet hair from vents and in between seat cushions. There may even be models designed for use as wet/dry vacs so you can easily clean up any accidental spills. You can find these items available where most other vacuums are sold. The price you pay will depend on the specific features the machine has as well as what brand you purchase. Check out eureka 71b hand held vacuum or dyson dc25.

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