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7 Popular Wedding Gifts To Give Away

Most couples nowadays have a bridal registry so that their friends can easily get them what they want. If they did not have this, you might as well take a look at the 7 popular wedding gifts available.

1. His and Hers Set

These are stuff that couples would appreciate but they probably would not have thought of buying this for themselves. Try bath robes, pillow cases, and a lot more. Usually, they come in the same designs but different colors.

2. Electronic Appliance

If your budget allows it, think of stuff that one would need when they move into their new home.

3. Plates and Glass Set

This is one of the most popular because it is the easiest to get them.

4. Home Decoration

This can range from a simple vase, picture frame or anything that could help them personalize their home.

5. Monogrammed Initials

If you are in budget, get them a basic item, say a towel and have their initials embroidered. It is personal yet so affordable.

6. Bathroom Set

You could get them fancy shower gels, perfume and lotion that any couple would love. They could even take them with them to their honeymoon.

7. Matching Clothes

You might think it’s cheesy, but surely the wife would love to have matching outfits. You’re giving her a great reason to have one since they got it as a gift. Try to choose something classy, like the same color combination but different styles. Say a skirt for the bride and a shirt for the groom.

If you can’t think of other gifts, try offering gift cards that could be accepted by different merchants that has gift card software or gift card system implemented. Remember that no matter which gift you get, just make sure you personalize them for the couple to make it extra special.

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