6 Reasons Marriages Eventually Fail

Many young couples get married before they can even experience life. When you’re married at such a young age, without being prepared for it, life can quickly become overwhelming. Nowadays, young couples are having babies (without planning to), buying houses, cars, and other stuff they can’t afford, and communication between each other breaks down. Soon the couple begins to fight over seemingly little things, such as leaving the toilet seat up or forgetting to close the front door when the air conditioner is running. As time goes by, the relationship becomes more and rockier until the relationship is finally broken off and both parties leave in grief and anger. What causes perfectly happen couples to grow apart?

1. Lack of Communication
The number one reason that couples grow apart is because of lack of communication. When one of the people has a major problem and doesn’t ask their partner for help, then the problem will probably escalate and come out into the open anyway. If they find out that you didn’t ask them for help, or you went behind their back, then they won’t be too pleased when they find out. They may confront you with accusations that make you want to run from the room, or they may be hurt inside and harbor bad feelings until it explodes later.

2. Mindreading
Don’t get mad if your partner doesn’t do what you want, especially if you didn’t even tell them what you wanted them to do. If you want your partner to do something, then tell him or her. Be direct and ask nicely if they could help you with something. People are more likely to help if you ask them for a favor instead of demanding them to help.

3. Unrealistic Expectations
At first, couples are madly in love and don’t care about the other person’s faults. The common thinking is that they can change their partner’s behavior in the future. So if the person you married is overweight or obsesses about weight, the belief is that you can make that person lose weight. Chances are, people do not normally change, at least not unless they really wanted to change themselves. So if you are going to get married with someone, make sure that you’re happy with them just the way they are, or you’re going to have some heartache and misery later.

4. Money Problems
Some people don’t like to talk about money and especially don’t want to discuss their spending and saving habits. In fact, how often do people discuss money before getting married? How often do they discuss financial problems? Hardly any. The biggest distinction they ask is simply middle-class, rich, or poor. Do you even know what your partner’s plan for their money is? Not finding out the habits of your partner can lead to a huge disaster later in life if you’re not careful. It may not be very romantic but you need to know if your partner has hidden credit card debt, habit of buying expensive items on credit, or regularly makes late payments. After all, getting married means joining your lives together. Make sure that you’re not going to run into trouble later.

5. Not Enough Alone Time
People need to be able to have time where they can be alone and relax by themselves. If people are always together then they will not be able to have any time to unwind. Normally men and women both think differently when it comes to spending time together. Men usually expect to have periods of alone time as well as partner time whereas women think that if the man doesn’t want to spend time with her, then he doesn’t love her anymore. This is not true at all; he simply wants to re-energize himself before he can happily be with another person.

6. Different ways of thinking
Everyone simply have different ways of thinking. Men are inclined to think in one manner and women think in another. The key is understanding which kind of thinking that your partner has and what you can do to satisfy both your partner and you. There is an interesting and popular book called “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus,” that contains a plethora of information detailing the different ways that men and women are different in thinking. If you read that book, you can better understand why men and women think like they do, and you can better determine what you need to do to keep your relationship from falling apart. If you truly care about your marriage, why not find out more?

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